More and more people buy their clothes in vintage shops nowadays. It is cheaper, more sustainable and the pieces are more unique than in the average clothing shops. Especially in Amsterdam you find a lot of vintage clothing shops. Are you wondering if you should buy vintage clothing in Amsterdam? Read in this blog more information about the pro’s of buying your clothes in vintage shops.

Creating less waste 

When you buy secondhand clothes you buy clothes that where once worn by someone else. If you buy a secondhand piece this piece does not have to be thrown away. Throwing clothes away creates a lot of waste and there is already so many waste in this world. By buying second you can make sure the amount of waste rises slower. The piece of clothing get’s a new life in you wardrobe. By giving clothes a new life instead of buying new clothes you also don’t support the clothing industry that is letting people work under terrible circumstances. 


More orginal clothes 


In the big chains you find a lot of the same clothes. When you buy something there, there is a big chance you see a lot of other people walking with the same piece. With secondhand clothing this rarely happens, because there is mostly only one of the same piece. In this way you are sure to buy original clothes in a vintage shop. In this way you can create your own unique style. Finding a beautiful piece at a vintage store is also way more satisfiying because it feels more like a little victory. In the normal shops the advertisments make you buy the products, when you buy second hand it is more you own dessision to buy a piece so it is more an expression of your own taste. 


Lower prices


Secondhand clothes will always be cheaper then the price they orginaly where when the first person bought them. Mostly the price is half or even less. When you don’t have a lot of money to spent on your clothing secondhand is the best option for you. In some shops you even pay only a few euro’s per item. So besides being good for the planet, secondhand clothes are also good for your wallet. To do even better you can chose to use the money you save on buying more biological food.